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The alchemy of tea mixing

By: Willow Torlone

After nearly three years working at our location at the Charlottetown Farmers' Market and hours of scrolling through Pinterest I’ve had lots of time to try all of our teas, and lots of time to get bored of some of them. Luckily I also have time to explore some combinations of flavours that give a delicious twist on some old favorites.

Forever popular and currently trendy, I’m always trying to add our Organic Lavender to teas. Personally I find the lavender too strong on it’s own, so adding a little to other teas works perfectly for me. A floral favorite of mine is the Jasmine and Flowers, sprinkled with lavender. For lavender I’ve found that the ratio of 2 to 1 works (base tea to lavender). A very popular combination that I can’t claim to have created is Earl Grey Lavender. This is a very popular flavour and scent that I’ve seen everywhere lately, and for good’s delicious! The lavender also goes well with many of our fruity teas, such as Organic Island Strawberry, Peach my Cheeks, Organic Blooming Blueberry, and Dapple Apple.

Speaking of fruity, a yummy combo of the Dappe Apple and Peach My Cheeks topped off with some chocolate or caramel syrup is sure to brighten up your day! If you’re someone with a sweet tooth then you’re in for a treat. Two other favorites of mine are our Caramel and Belgian Chocolate Rooibos, or try something new with Lady’s Slipper Blend and Scottish Caramel Puerh. Possibly the tea team's favorite, Vanilla Almond Rooibos latte with caramel sauce may be the only dessert you’ll need.

Those are just a few of my favorites! I’m always trying new flavours, mostly ending in delicious discoveries. Have you created any new teas by combining two varieties? Leave us a comment below this post. We would love to hear what you have come up with and try some of your creations!


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