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What do these expressions have in common?

Now here's a list of English expressions that I found myself saying this past summer. Without using them each in a sentence, I will just mention the words that sparked a reaction. Do you find yourself saying things like "twiddling my thumbs, I got my foot in the door, what the day has cut out for me, between a rock and a hard place, throw my hat in the ring" on and so forth?

[caption id="attachment_1126" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tingting, my hat's off to you[/caption]

So, what do these idioms have in common? And what was the reaction that I mention? The common denominator is Tingting Hu, my awesome summer employee who graced my office with her ingenuity and wit. Every time I said something in the list above, I got the LOOK - the look of inquisitive confusion! Tingting grew up in Beijing and learned English throughout her schooling. She has a great command of the English language BUT as I coached her in the areas of my small business venture, I realized that I say a lot of odd things that as an English speaking Canadian, I don't think twice about.

Tingting would repeat the expressions and now I hear her using them too! Tingting, my hat's off to you!

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