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This. is. Jeopartea!

Is it any surprise that this tea lady loves the program Jeopardy (or my own version, below -- Jeopartea)? Most evenings I watch it and can often get at least two of the questions! I've never entertained the thought of actually auditioning for the show because if I get any of the questions, it is usually after it is given and I say, "Oh I knew that!"

Ariana, my social media tea manager just happened to text me while I was watching Jeopardy this evening to see what my blog would be this week. I happened also at the same time to be drinking a cup of decaf Earl Grey tea when the idea popped into my head...need I say more?

Katherine Jeopartea

Let's get started. The first person to give the questions to the following answers will receive a package of our Tea Musketeers. If you live near Charlottetown, you can pick up the prize at the Charlottetown Farmers' Market. If you don't, we will send it to you when the Canada Post strike ends. Promise!

200 points Answer: Camellia Sinensis

400 points - Answer: The largest tea producing region in the world

600 points - Answer: Tea in Russia is served from this traditional hot pot

800 points - Answer: This Duchess is credited for having the first afternoon tea in England

1000 points - Answer: These popular tea beverages are referred to as RTDs

Final Jeopardy Tea Quote of Henry Fielding Answer: "Love and __________ are the best sweeteners of tea."

And that's it for tonight's Jeopartea! I hope you enjoyed the show! Be sure to check back next week. We will announce the winner right here on the blog. Get your questions in asap and win our Tea Musketeers, 3 packages of 3 unique teas in a box.

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