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It has been very helpful to have many contributing bloggers to Lady Baker's website. I love reading about the different perspectives and the part that tea has played in so many lives. I'm truly appreciative and will continue to seek out anyone who wishes to have a platform to share their tea thoughts. 

Today it is my turn and now that I have become Prince Edward Island's first certified Tea Sommelier through the Tea Academy of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada, you might think you are in for a long and detailed account of tea knowledge! But sorry to disappoint you. Instead we are going to play my version of my favourite game show, Jeopardy


For the first time that I remember, one of the categories on Jeopardy this winter was TEA. Whatever it is about Jeopardy that draws me to the television set most evenings at 8:30, I have not yet figured out. I do love to do crosswords, however, and perhaps there is an emotionally-connected satisfaction to being right about something. I am put to the test and feel rather smug when I can give the answer a question. Well, if ever I was to pat myself on the back, it was the night that TEA was a category. I got each and every one. I could start and finish the category and all in between! I was bursting with pride!

I hope you're up for a challenge. Are you ready to play? The questions will be at the end of the blog. 

$200 (monopoly money) - There are 6 types of tea. This type is the most popular in North America.

$400 - Japan is famous for this powdered tea.

$600 - Research is finding this type of tea has the following health claim:

Consumption of 1 cup (250 ml) of ____ tea increases antioxidant capacity in the blood.

$800 - Tea's origin is first recorded in a legend of this country.

$1000 - As an act of protest to taxation by British government, this event set the stage for the American Revolution.

$2000 bonus - When pairing tea with food, one could consider the guidelines of how food is paired with this.

Before checking the questions at the end of the blog, I just have a message from my heart to yours.

I love being in the tea business. But the business of tea can definitely attempt to squelch the passion that got me started in the first place. I hope every day that I'll cherish the fun times, the cozy and sharing times, the nostalgic and quiet times, the market days and the office days with amazing people around me. 

Perhaps a fitting close to this blog is a quote I saw on a friend's tea cozy.

Tea is the answer...who cares about the question!

Check here for your questions to Lady Baker's Jeopar-tea answers:

1) Black tea 2) Matcha 3) Green tea 4) China 5) The Boston Tea Party 6) Wine





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