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Spring Cleaning The Tea Cupboard

It’s that time of year when people are either thinking about or currently involved with spring cleaning. Although the weather on Prince Edward Island hasn’t necessarily felt “spring-like” lately, we are always living with the hope of warmer days ahead.

Fresh and organized tea cupboard

In August 2020, my family moved into a new home and one of the things that I was most excited about was having a dedicated tea cupboard and tea making counter (see previous blog post Sold). My whole family drinks tea and it has become a well-used area of our kitchen. Every morning I make a pot of tea for my husband, daughter and I to share and then throughout the day other single cups get made depending on moods and seasons. As one might expect, a tea cupboard for a tea addict, gets a little over-run and unruly over time so I decided that I needed to do a little spring cleaning. Truth be told, the whole house needs a deep spring cleaning, but I am starting small. It is amazing how many different types of tea I can shove into the cupboard. I do love having a variety of teas on hand, but must admit, we have our favourites that get consumed daily and other teas get lost in the clutter. I have always loved starting my day with a strong plain black cup of tea. Normally, that is a Breakfast Blend. Lately though, I have also been making my daughter’s favourite Willow’s Dream and the blend of Cream Earl Grey with the added organic lavender provides such a soothing cup of tea and a wonderful way to start the day.


The problem/delight of having access to so many teas on a daily basis, is that you really do get spoiled. Having high quality, loose-leaf teas at my fingertips is amazing, but it also leads to having an overstocked cupboard.

The chaos of clutter after a LONG winter

Yes, we have 3 different tea strainers & 2 tea pots on the go!

Do you have a tea cupboard/drawer/area that needs some tidying? You never know what you might find hidden in the back corner. Do you need a refresh? I am making room for my favourite iced teas – Watermelon Twist, To Market To Market and Pina Colada.

Summer teas to refresh my cupboard

I would like to wish all of the mothers and those who are mothering to others a Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Lady Baker’s Tea. For all the mothers and the mothers-at-heart, thank you for your care and kindness. We also know that Mother’s Day can be hard for those who have experienced loss and we send love and hugs to those who struggle on this day.


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