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Spotlight on our TEAm

By Sandy Nicholson

We are so fortunate at Lady Baker’s Tea to have a great TEAm and one of those team members is Carla Turner. Like me, Carla started out as a customer of ours at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market. We all knew her order – Cha Cha Chai Latte – extra strong. She has moved on to drinking Jasmine & Flowers and Jasmine Dragon Tears, but still likes a strong chai. 

Carla drinking some tea during our LBT photo shoot in her dining room

A few years ago when we needed some extra help with packaging and blending at the Abbey, Katherine asked Carla if she would be interested and luckily for us, she said yes. I am not sure if she really knew what she was signing up for, but she has embraced it all with a smile and is always willing to jump in and help out with whatever needs to be done.

Carla describes herself as a farm girl at heart and this year we have benefited from that as she is supplying us with delicious raspberries for our tea blends.

Carla's raspberry patch on the beautiful West River


The finished product - dried raspberries for our teas

I personally have benefitted from Carla’s presence at the Abbey as she is such a fun co-worker and also a great listener. Uan, Carla and I are all living with young adults and it is so nice to have co-workers that can relate.

You can catch Carla at the Abbey several days a week and you can also spot Carla’s daughter Ava working some days at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market booth.



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