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Spooky Fun Tea Party

This year I will be in Florida for Halloween. This is the first time I will be trick or treating with my granddaughters, and I'm really excited. They are 10 and 7, and likely by now have their costumes all planned out. I'm hoping they have one planned for me too! The past two Halloweens at the Farmers' Market, Willow, my student assistant and I have worn Alice in Wonderland themed costumes and yes, you guessed it, I've been the Mad Hatter. Over the years that I catered tea parties at this time of year there were many Mad Hatter Tea Parties. But this year, with my granddaughters' help, I'm hoping to throw a Spooky Fun Tea Party!

Lady Baker's Halloween

Both girls love to bake, and of course being my granddaughters, they both love tea. I'll run the following ideas by them, and I'm hoping that after Halloween they will be open to sharing how our spooky tea party went in the next blog. Willow, the youngest member of the tea team, who is now in 10th grade, shared some ideas with me that I hope to integrate into our tea party:

Decor: spiders, black and orange balloons, fake blood in a vase with black roses

Food: blood (red jelly) inside cupcakes, pumpkin spice scones with black licorice bits kneaded inside (worms), cauliflower sprigs lightly brushed with red food colouring (brains), deviled eggs topped with black olives cut into spider legs and body, peeled grapes (eyeballs)

Drink: sweet, iced black licorice lattes

Thanks for your ideas Willow!

If you are looking for additional ideas, Pinterest is a girl's best friend when it comes to hosting tea parties. It is a great source of ideas. If you're planning a Halloween tea party for either children or adults, please let us know what you're up to and how it goes. We would love to see photos! 

Look out for our post-tea party blog soon! 


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Chathurika Bandara

Thank you for giving these information…I planned last year for one of my friend’s fun tea party with … They provided beautiful marquees & tiffany chairs.

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