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Seasons of love

There are so many different seasons of love from the time we are little children to our adult days. Romantic love, like a mist, is mysterious and magical, enveloping us and making our hearts flutter.

In my teens I was a hopeless romantic. I read Jane Eyre at least 5 times! The Bronte sisters' descriptions of desperate and impossible love were so intense! Then I discovered Jane Austen's accounts of impossible love trapped within humorous societal situations.

A cup of tea and a teapot were always set in the scenes, I suppose because of tea's very real presence in the British life. Tea and love went hand in hand.
Roses and chocolates set out for me

But romance begs add a cup of tea.

If you want to set a romantic scene, here's what I suggest:

Let's make Assam tea today and put it on the tray with some scones and biscuits. The Assam district in India is rich and verdant and quite remote, lying 1500 feet above sea level.

[caption id="attachment_1961" align="aligncenter" width="636"]Women picking tea in an Assam tea plantation Women picking tea in an Assam tea plantation[/caption]

When Britain ruled India, the best Assam leaves were sent to Britain, and the local tea pickers didn't get to enjoy the cream of the crop!

So put on the kettle and get ready to sip our Awesome Assam which comes from an organic estate and has been graded TGFOP, that is to say, Tippy, Golden, Flowery, Orange Pekoe! It is much like a fine wine and deserves to be relished!

[caption id="attachment_1962" align="aligncenter" width="585"]There is nothing like a well-brewed cup of Assam Tea There is nothing like a well-brewed cup of Assam Tea[/caption]

Our high quality second flush Assam as you will find in Lady Baker's store displays a 'croppy' character. This is good! It's a tasting term that describes a bright creamy liquor. Then there are the terms 'brisk' (a lively vivacious flavour) and 'biscuity' (a well-fired tea). Put these all together and you have a most romantic pot of tea!

Is the water boiled? Then put 4 teaspoons of our Assam into an infuser in a 4-5 cup teapot which you have already warmed. Make sure there is room for the leaves to expand. Pour the boiling water over the leaves. A 3 minute brew should be suffice. I love this tea with a little splash of milk.

Your tray of Valentine's treats is almost complete. Add a rosebud and a piece or two of chocolate alongside the scones.

[caption id="attachment_1963" align="aligncenter" width="587"]I love a good piece of dark chocolate with my tea I love a good piece of dark chocolate with my tea[/caption]

Perhaps a little note too could be added.

[caption id="attachment_1964" align="aligncenter" width="496"]A love note from me to you. Image via A love note from me to you[/caption]
Roses are red, violets are blue

I have here a tea made specially for you!


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