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"While there is tea, there is hope." This is a quote of a British playwright, Arthur Pinero. The first time I read it, it stuck. I read that Winston Churchill used this quote in a speech during the Second World War (though, in my research, I cannot find reference to it) - the war that took my uncle, one of 5 brothers, all of whom went off to serve. He did not return. I never knew him, but stories of his young life were heard at many post-war family get-togethers. I felt like I knew him. My son's second name is Niall.

[caption id="attachment_1777" align="aligncenter" width="197"]Niall Hope Burnett Niall Hope Burnett[/caption]

A Globe and Mail article was sent to me a few years ago and it went like this:

"Oh those loveable Brits! The nation that brought the world both cricket and cold toast is captivating U.S troops in Iraq...a group of officers assigned to British forces have been charmed by just about everything British...they have even discovered a love for the ubiquitous cuppa tea. U.S Corporal Mike Kennard says:"I really like how people always seem to find time to make a brew whether it's a half hour before we take out artillery positions, or half an hour after we take in incoming artillery...and it takes some of the stress away."

[caption id="attachment_1775" align="aligncenter" width="218"]There's a war on but some things are sacred: Tea time for a RAF's Tiger Moth crew. There's a war on but some things are sacred: Tea time for a RAF's Tiger Moth crew.[/caption]

To those who were used to tea time, it seems that it brought comfort to them during war times. Looking at the above photo makes me think of the effort that was made to keep the soldiers in mind of hope! I can't imagine pushing my tea trolley over bumpy ground to meet up with a landed plane. But if it brought hope and courage and strength, then I would be so happy to push gallons of tea to the landing strips!

On my calendar this month there is a quote from the British Series Monty Python's Flying Circus,

"Make tea, not war." Oh if it were only that simple. God bless our soldiers and keep us mindful of the sacrifices so many made and are still making. I pray for peace.

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