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Here are some samples from letters and postcards that I wrote home while hiking in Britain a number of years ago.

“It’s beautiful here in an old stone house on the river in a wooded valley. We headed toward Dolgellau on a narrow, walled back road…”

“We are at the hostel here on Old Edinburgh Rd. Tomorrow we sail to Shetland…after a week on Iona…”

“We spent the evening at a pub over ‘bitter’ and cheese and biscuit.”

I was very surprised and pleased to find that my mother kept these notes and letters that I sent her so many years ago. There is nothing like receiving a hand-written note in your mailbox. Emails are helpful, especially when needing to do business or plan a last minute event, but snail mail is very special and even more so since computer technology has developed so quickly.

send a card

I loved writing letters when my children were little. It was a great way to recap a day for grandparents who lived far away. Even just a quick note meant a lot! Many times I wished I could just sit and have a cup of tea with my Mom or good friend in another province. I would drink tea and write.

It is not just the receiver who benefits from a letter. It feels good to take the time to remember someone and post that message. Our relationships need nurturing. It’s a thoughtful thing to do – to let someone know you are thinking of them.

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A Note with a Difference

I developed the postcard-with-tea-in-it as a way to send a message and share a cup of tea with friends and family that live far away! This idea won an award at the PEI Buyers’ Market as the Best New Product in 2011. Since I have many talented and fun family members I asked a niece, a daughter and a brother to help me out with some designs. It’s been a labour of love for each of us while using the gifts we have been given. Sending them brings so much joy and from what I hear, receiving them is even more satisfying. I call them Post-teas™ and they are available in several shops around the Island, at the market and now online. They have been sent and received all over the world. Each has a premium loose leaf tea for two and 2 'make-your-own' tea sacs inside.

[caption id="attachment_1299" align="aligncenter" width="632"]Atlantic Canada Provincial Flowers Atlantic Canada Provincial Flowers                                Artwork by daughter, Jane-Alice Tye[/caption]

Feel like giving it a try? Stop by one of the retail locations that sell my post teas or stop by the Charlottetown Farmers' Market Wednesday (during the summer months) or Saturday, 9am-2pm to pick some up!

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