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Not Your Average Tea Party!

Have you ever thought that having a tea party just wasn’t up your alley? Maybe you have certain tea party imagery that is too inconvenient for you to replicate. I catered afternoon teas for years for the elderly, for brides, birthdays, operas and historic locations. I loved it!  It was like playing house with fine china and linens!

But a tea party does not have to be cliché.  Make it your own.  There’s a saying by W.S Gilbert that goes like this: “It’s not so much what’s on the table that counts, but what’s on the chairs!” Mary Englebreit did the perfect picture (even though cups and saucers are missing).

What's on the Chairs

Here are 6 tea party themes that you should try:

A Skype Tea Party

Are you like me in that your grandchildren live too far away? or perhaps your best friend? How about a skype tea party? Arrange a day and time. Have a cup of tea and a cookie ready. Dress up if you want and visit over skype while you sip and share.  In my case, I can say, “I had tea with my granddaughters in Florida and Texas today!”

Tea time in TexasCharlie and Ruby

A Portable Tea Party

Pack a tea pot or thermos, cups and goodies in a tote or basket. Either by yourself in your special place or with a friend, enjoy this picnic of sorts. It can be outside or inside. There may be a public foyer at the art gallery or museum where you could sit and have tea. As the quote goes, “Tea for the English is a picnic indoors.”

portable tea party

Garden Tea Party

Before the bugs get too busy, invite your friends for a garden party. Ask them to wear their garden clothes and straw hats. Each could bring a rooted cutting or seeds to trade. If you want, you could fill a small flower pot with flowers for each to take home. Keep the food simple. This is a great chance to serve iced tea.

Iced Tea

 Book Club Evening Tea Party

I think most book clubs have a treat during their discussions. Make tea, perhaps an exotic kind, that’s something different from the usual. Let the location where the novel takes place inspire the kind of tea and suggest to your reader friends that each bring something to eat that fits the theme.

Julia Child

Mugs and Dunkers Tea Party

Use everyday mugs and take ‘mug shots.’ Dunk your cookie (I call it a Dunker) and see who can hold it in the tea the longest before it breaks off in the cup! You'll want spoons to help scoop out that delicious soggy cookie!

my mug shot

 Tea and Toast Party

Ever watch a movie on Netflix with your friends? Growing up, our family watched Walt Disney and the Ed Sullivan show on Sunday evenings. Mom always made up a big platter of toast. It was so yummy. Because we kids were little, we had children’s tea which was just hot water, sugar and milk. Get your family and friends together and make up a plate of homemade toast. Use all those toppings you loved as a child. Peanut butter, jam, honey, Fluff and yes, Lemon Curd! “Bread and water can soon become toast and tea.”

toast and tea


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