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My Hat's Off To You

I really enjoy my monthly tea times at The Mount Continuing Care Community. Being around people who have been through almost a lifetime is inspirational. Yes, these dear old friends inspire me. You can only imagine what each has experienced in a lifetime. Their stories would make us laugh and cry. Each has experienced hardships, unfairness, shame and humiliation. Each has had a mountain to climb. Each has wonderful memories, and an abundance of good things happen too. All I can say is: "My hat's off to you!"

Tea at the Mount 2

"My hat's off to you!" is a common idiom, an expression of respect and admiration. We say it in acknowledgement of an amazing accomplishment. We should say it every day to someone. Because every day presents a challenge no matter who you are!

Tea at the Mount 3

I want to thank the volunteers who come to these tea times. We had such fun with the hats donated for the afternoon by Nancy Hooper of the Confederation Centre Wardrobe department. Her personal collection of hats goes on many an outing and she had a few for me to take along for tea time. Even the gentlemen enjoyed the walk down memory lane of style. At one time, a woman would not go out without a hat. Styles from the 1930s, 40s and on up to 2000 were donned by all the good sports at the tea.

Tea at the Mount 4

It's not only those who have entered old age who are worthy of admiration and praise.

Tea at the Mount 5

My hat's off to Jen and Ariana, my amazing assistants on the tea team. My hat's off to my five kids who are as I write, getting together for their annual 'sibs' weekend in North Carolina. My hat's off to the UPEI students who are writing exams and still find time to cheerily come by the tea bar at the market. My hat's off to the young moms and dads who lead by example the precious children in their care. As you can tell, I could go on and on!

Tea at Mount 6

Think of all the people to whom you can practise this idiom!

Tea at Mount 7

I would love to hear how others have inspired you in the comments section. Who in  your lifetime have you admired? And even though this blog isn't about tea per se, the very idea of having tea together makes us appreciative and feel kindness towards each other.


So let's hear it for each other...

"My hat's off to you!"

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