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Letter from Oklahoma

One thing I love about being in this business is the wonderful communication between tea lovers. I share this note and wish you Christmas blessings.

 Oklahoma (2)Merry Christmas Katherine!!!

I ordered tea for my daughter here in Oklahoma last year after coming to visit PEI and having had some of your tea there at Dalvay by the Sea.  Well, we have been enjoying it all year - in fact, we came up with a system to make sure that we KEEP enjoying it for a long time to come.  Each time we have a cup of your tea, we put 50 cents in a little tin my daughter has.  When she knew I was going to order some more, she got out her tin and gave it to me.  We had $35.00 in there!  I had enough to order an extra bag.  :)  I still ordered her extra for Christmas (we've discovered the Darjeeling) but we got two bags of the Ceylon this year.  We love, love, love it.  Just thought you might get a kick out of knowing our little "secret".  Ha ha.

Hope you are blessed and that the business is going well.  Thanks for the wonderful tea.  Emily will be a senior next year so I am trying to enjoy her as much as I possibly can!  God bless.

Take care,

Marla Shaw


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