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Jeopar-tea Challenge

By Katherine Burnett

I've always been a fan of the TV show, Jeopardy and since the death of Alex Trebek, there have been many guest hosts keeping the excitement of competitive learning alive. At Lady Baker's Tea, we've really been enjoying such diverse blog entries over the years on our website. It really is fascinating to explore the many ideas of tea! You'll find most of the questions to these answers in our blogs. Have fun and let us know how you did. Keep your eyes open for upcoming Facebook posts, where we plan to continue to excite you with all things tea!

Are you ready?

      1. This is the botanical name for the tea plant
      2. The process of only withering and drying gives us this tea type
      3. The type of tea that does not undergo oxidation
      4. Teas of this type are partially oxidized 
      5. This term is used amongst tea producers in processing tea leaves, stopping them from turning black
      6. China’s tea processing involves roasting the leaf. This country primarily steams the leaf.
      7. A health statement on packaging is allowed for this tea type
      8. Herbal teas do not contain this stimulant
      9. On Lady Baker’s shelf, this red bush product from South Africa is popular in many flavours
      10. Jane Austen’s beverage of choice at dances in Bath
      11. Common name for tea prepared for children 
      12. A popular trend today with chefs
      13. The tea on Lady Baker’s shelf with toasted rice
      14. In a recent blog, Shane Pendergast referred to this kind of black tea native to PEI
      15. Food is not the only commodity that can be paired with tea.  Tea pairing with these is trendy and fun 





Questions: What is

1.Camellia sinensis, 2. White tea, 3. Green tea, 4. Oolong, 5. fixing the green,  6. Japan, 7. Green tea, 8. Caffeine, 9. Rooibos, 10. Chinese green tea,            11. Cambric Tea, 12. Food Pairing or cooking with tea, 13. Genmaicha,           14. Northside Tea, 15. Books




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