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January is Hot Tea Month

January is Hot Tea Month in Canada, so states the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada of which I am a member.

January usually begins with resolutions and is a time we tend to think of ways to increase our chances for good health. Eat right, drink right, sleep right and overall take on a positive healthy attitude in our busy lives.

Here, here to good health! 

Take a minute to watch this video:

A single cup of tea is steeped in healthy benefits that can help refresh and revitalize all Canadians. Drinking a cup of hot tea everyday can lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol levels, and can aid in overall heart health. The secret to tea’s health benefits? Flavonoids – dietary compounds found naturally in plants that protects the body through antioxidant activity. A single cup of tea has 750 times more flavonoids than a cup of coffee, and 6 times more flavonoids than a cup of orange juice.

“While most Canadians have heard of the health benefits of green tea, it’s important to know that all varieties of tea are good for your overall health,” says Louise Roberge. “Black, green, white and oolong tea are all equally beneficial, since they come from the same plant. Just like Canadians, all types of tea are created equal. It’s a natural, healthy, calorie-free drink that everyone can enjoy.” (From A cup a day helps keep the doctor away, a press release from The Tea and Herbal Association of Canada January 2, 2018). 

Key findings from customized research conducted in 2017 by Nielsen

  • Tea’s growth momentum continued in 2017 - Cups per day increasing
  • Positive attitudes about tea remain consistent - “Relaxing” remains tea’s top health association 
  • Green and herbal teas associated with health benefits

We have two retail outlets that will help you choose what's best for you. We are at the Charlottetown Farmers' Market every Saturday and we are online every day and night!

Join us, won't you for Hot Tea Month? To celebrate, we have launched our annual Tea it Forward Campaign again this month. From now through January 31st we have decided to give $1 for every 100g bag of tea purchased at the Farmers' Market to Lennon Recovery House, a local charity here on Prince Edward Island "dedicated to supporting the recovery of individuals from substance abuse and subsequent mental health challenges. Lennon house will work at giving individuals new opportunities to live their life free from addiction, promote independence, encourage personal development and, most importantly, create hope." 

The holidays are officially behind us. In our neck of the woods, the worst of winter is just ahead (Brrrrr). Wherever you live and whatever nationality you are, let us unite and share the goodness of tea during Hot Tea Month.

Happy 2018 tea friends!


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