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I'll Have A London Fog, Please

Best latté ever? Our London Fog! But what is it and where did it originate? I did not know what a London Fog was until someone asked for one at the tea bar and the young assistant at the time, Julie, sort of knew but wasn't sure what should all go in it. So she 'winged' it and presto, the Lady Baker's London Fog was born. It took some tweaking, but soon we had the perfect blend that we hear around town is the best! If you're looking for one in Charlottetown, Kettle Black and Receiver Cafés in Charlottetown both make them very well using our tea blend!

London Fog

There is some debate over it's origin, but if the wikibooks dictionary is correct, we have a variety of mixed ingredients comprising the beverage which as a result has many personalities depending on who is making it! In other words, there does not seem to be a single universally accepted recipe.

You may have heard London Fog called Vanilla Tea Misto or Earl Grey Tea Latté. In Scotland it is known as a Vancouver Fog! It originated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and was created by a mystery creator. Oddly, it has taken on many tasty tea characteristics from Peppermint to Matcha to Earl Grey and even Lavender.

My young assistant, Julie decided to blend together a little of our Cream Earl Grey and Vanilla Almond Rooibos. Our customer loved it and so Julie made one for herself and couldn't wait to tell me about it. Thus began the selling of our second most popular latté next to Chai, Lady Baker's London Fog. In addition to the tea, a very large amount of TLC goes into the mix!

Me and LF

I love market days! We have fun with our customers and fun preparing the lattés. Our latté milk mixture is five parts skim milk to one part sweetened condensed milk. We foam it up and pour it on a very strong brew of our London Fog blend. It will be the featured brew at the market this Saturday. Willow and I will be expecting you! If you can't join us at the market, our teas are also in our online shop, and we'd love you to be able to make your own London Fog latté (honey can be substituted for the sweetened condensed milk) at home and send us a note letting us know what you think.

London Fog

Starting this Saturday, and continuing every other week all summer long we will also be drawing a name from our completed customer appreciation card box to win a free cup of tea, so if you haven't started a card, make sure you ask us about starting one on Saturday! Have a beautiful weekend, friends!

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