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I wish I may, I wish I might: Lady Baker's Dreams for 2016

I remember chanting a nursery rhyme many, many years ago:

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.

Then I would make a wish and I honestly can't remember how important my wishes were or if I truly believed they would be granted! But nonetheless, this rhyme suggested to a little child that there was always hope! I could look ahead to something special happening.

Now, one of my favourite sayings is a quote by Arthur Pinero, a British playwright:

While there is tea there is hope.

I do not know the context in which he said this, but in order to connect 'tea' with 'hope' he must have gained some strength emotionally during difficult times over a cup of tea.

Lady Baker's Tea Trolley came out of a God-given friendship which led to wishful thinking and hoping that it would bear much fruit.

Some of my dreams, like opening up a cozy, charming tea room, were still in the dream/wish/hope stage. This past year I decided, after years of being in small business, that I was OK that my tea room stayed put - there in my dreams! I have learned so much about the problems that arise when we think our hopes have to materialize or else we have failed. I enjoy my tea room more in my dreams where it is perfect!

I have been so lucky to experience fulfillment in part of hopes and wishes by sharing teas and hospitality through catering to the elderly and retailing at the Charlottetown Farmers' Market. As I engage with so many amazing people of all ages, I am inspired to expect good things to come.

One thing I'm excited to share is that we expect to launch a brand new website very soon. This was one of those thoughts in my "I wish" category. Now, it has come to fruition through one contact and then another, and of course many months of patience. Online sales are growing, and with a new user-friendly site, I expect them to keep growing. I am hopeful!

I have hired a second full-time employee to help with spearheading my marketing thanks to a SkillsPEI wage subsidy grant. Again, I had hoped, and now it's happening!

I am looking to expand my wholesale business year round. I wish I may, I wish I might! I am so encouraged by the increase in interest in my teas from places I never expected. Just goes to show that I have to expect the unexpected because you just never know what is going to happen, and the universe has a way of helping us to realize our dreams in ways we never dreamt possible.

Blending teas has always been an interest but with so many business details to keep me occupied, I have had to hold back. I hope in the coming year to have more time to research new teas and add at least two new signature blends that incorporate Prince Edward Island ingredients to our current line.

Star light, star bright, I wish to engage others in tea tasting and tea exploration by hosting some workshops this year. I will keep you posted.

I am excited to see what's ahead for Lady Baker's Tea Trolley, and I am very happy to share these experiences with you all as we move onward into 2016.

Today was a storm day on Prince Edward Island. We went to sleep to bare ground and woke to a winter wonderland shimmering beneath a thick blanket of snow. Businesses and schools and offices closed, and I gave myself permission to slow down, make myself a good cup of tea, and dream into the new year. Then this afternoon the clouds cleared and the sun came out, and tonight as I look up into the black crisp canvas of the winter night's sky I can see that it is embroidered with a seemingly endless freckling of stars!

Star light, star bright, what are your hopes and dreams tonight? Whatever they are, and however far-flung or impossible they may seem to you from where you stand right now, I encourage you to open yourself to the possibility that they might just unfurl into existence in unexpected and magical ways if you allow yourself to dream without expectation or judgement. I invite you to join me in dreaming your dreams into existence! Happy 2016 friends!

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