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Holiday gifts for the tea lover

This week's blog post is written by our guest blogger Elyse Cottrell. Elyse is originally from Ontario. She moved to PEI after falling in love with the East Coast on a post-college graduation road trip with her best friend. She is an avid tea lover, who enjoys trying new teas. She is studying at UPEI and is currently working on her Honours in Social Psychology and studying Diversity & Social Justice Studies. Being allergic to coffee, tea is her go to beverage for staying fueled during late night study sessions. In addition to blogging about tea, Elyse blogs about her experience with Multiple Sclerosis, and her struggle dealing with DRESS Syndrome. Visit her personal blog.

I am writing this blog from a hotel room, on a computer that is not my own. After having accidentally deleted this post several times, I am being reminded why I own a Mac. Despite the computer mishaps, the fact that I am currently travelling has been helpful in writing this post, as you will see below.

Lady Baker's offers some terrific gifts this time of the year. Whether you're looking for a stocking stuffer, a secret Santa gift for a treat for yourself, Lady Baker's has a number of options for you, all for under $20!

The Tea Musketeers pack not only has an adorable name (chosen by Lady Baker's customers), it also gives you 3 teas in a single package. There are several options to choose from and The Holiday pack is perfect for this time of year, containing three festive teas that make great gifts for the tea lover on your list, or a secret Santa exchange.

[caption id="attachment_2738" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The Tea Musketeers The Tea Musketeers[/caption]

The Travel Totes are perfect for tea obsessed people on the go. Not everyone carries a tumbler, a variety of loose leaf teas, steeping bags and a steeper ball with them when they travel. One of my greatest joys when travelling is discovering that my hotel has something that allows me to boil water. The travel totes come with pre-bagged teas in a convenient package that you can carry with you on your travels. You can grab and go with ease, whether it's just travelling to work or school, or travelling for business, pleasure, or the holidays!

[caption id="attachment_2749" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Tea Travel Tote Tea Travel Tote[/caption]

My absolute favourite of Lady Baker's holiday gifts is the 12 Teas of Christmas. You get 12 different teas and steeping sacks, all wrapped up in an adorable little red gift box. Not only is this a great gift, it is also a good way to try a variety of Lady Baker's popular black, green, herbal and rooibos teas. While this gift was not specifically created for travellers, I find it's perfect when you're on the go! You can carry 12 different teas with you in a single box with a handy carrying handle. It is loose leaf tea, so you will have to put it into a steeping sack (there's enough tea for two cups of each variety), which may not be the most convenient if you're in a hurry, and can be a struggle to do in a moving car. If you pick up hot water at the gas station, I advise against attempting to put the tea in the sack while you're moving. It's like the bumps know when the lid is off! The tea is worth the pain though ;-).


Whatever your tea needs, and whether it is for yourself or others, Lady Baker's has the perfect gifts for everyone this holiday season. Safe journey to anyone travelling, and Happy Holidays to all!

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