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Have Your Moment - Rain or Shine

Written by Shiela Labao

When the team at Lady Baker’s Tea asked me to contribute to their blog, I was ecstatic. I had just opened our first brick and mortar pop up store and one of the best sellers is our Oat Milk London Fog Pie, based on the drink I had every day while visiting PEI.



My visit was in early September of 2021. Prince Edward Island was magical - even when it rained. Especially during the rain! I was already familiar with the island thanks to my lifelong love for L.M. Montgomery’s books. So even though it was my first time being there - the island felt familiar.


It was one of those vacations that were planned more out of necessity than just leisure. Earlier in 2021, I opened an online pie shop that quickly snowballed into a real life business. I quit my full time job, quickly registered the business, spearheaded production, marketing, branding, customer service, and more (what was I thinking) in a span of 6 months! And this is all during strict pandemic lockdowns.



Business was good and the company grew so fast. Needless to say, my mental and physical health suffered. I was a mess. By August, I needed to get away. A quick 2 week trip out east sounded amazing. The island didn’t disappoint, we stayed a few days in Charlottetown before heading to the country.


The first day was so sunny and then for the rest of the week it poured. My first thought was, “Of course nothing is going according to plan”. There was no decent coffee in the Airbnb so we braved the east coast wind and rain to the nearest coffee shop - Receiver Coffee on Water Street. I felt anxious that morning so I thought I better not get a coffee. The barista suggested an oat milk London Fog. I said ok and found a seat by a window.



The rain was absolutely pouring but also so windy that you can see the droplets getting carried sideways. It was beautiful from the comfort of the cozy café. I started to feel calmer. My London Fog arrived and it was perfect. Very lightly sweet and creamy from the Oat Milk and the tea blend was sweet with hints of floral vanilla - like a warm and safe blanket in drink form. It sounds overly romanticised but my brain froze that moment and I come back to it every time I need to take a breath to centre myself during stressful days.




I knew I needed to reproduce that moment so I created an oat milk London Fog pie. Not just with any tea blend - I needed to use the exact tea from Lady Baker’s Tea. The resulting product is now beloved in Toronto. I can only hope that this pie would give someone the same comfort that London Fog gave me. If you’re ever in Charlottetown, I encourage you to try an oat milk London Fog with Lady Baker’s Tea. Or make yours at home and feel free to have your moment - rain or shine.




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