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"Are you ready for Christmas?"

Has anyone asked you yet?

That IS the question of the season after all, and we often start hearing it by December 1st. With my cup of tea-infused cider steaming next to my computer, I will attempt an answer.

What on earth does that question actually mean? A long time ago I learned to reply, "Yes! I am always ready for Christmas" with a big smile and the hope that I have satisfied the person who asked.

One of my memories of 'getting ready for Christmas' when I had little ones in tow, was going to the woods to get the ugliest tree we could find to 'make it pretty.' It was my goal each year to have all edible ornaments like gingerbread men, sugar cookie snowflakes, popcorn, cranberries and candy canes. As pathetic as the tree often looked before we set to work, it absolutely glowed with pride when dressed for the holidays!  

What do you think of when asked if you are ready for Christmas?

As a mom with little ones, I was totally into 'homemade' and there were no computers, let alone Pinterest! We made our own cards, stamped plain newsprint for wrapping paper and I stayed up late hours making doll clothes and weaving scarves on my little hand loom! And then there was the braided fruit bread I felt I had to bake and deliver to the neighbours.

Being ready for Christmas was a matter of continuing to do what I always did plus a lot more! Keeping on in the direction of the future, thinking ahead as much as possible, recognizing the little set-backs that may keep me from icing the cookies or wrapping the gift for my sister; setbacks like the invasion of chicken pox, loss of electricity, snow storms and finding that the ice cream in the freezer, planned for that easy dessert, had mysteriously vanished.

So.....are you ready?

My advice: Relax! The holiday of Christmas, the holy-day of Christmas is an annual reminder of the possibilities of peace on earth and peace in our hearts; a reminder to love and be kind toward everyone -- and yes, that even means ourselves. It is a reminder of the spirit of humility that is learned through the story of the birth of Jesus. I too can get wrapped up (no pun intended) in the to-do lists of gifts, parties, hors d'oeuvres and decorations along with all the seasonal activities that go along with running a tea business.

But Christmas will come whether we 'feel' ready or not and Christmas will always carry the message of joy and peace, comfort and love, and of course the importance of family and friends. The holidays embrace every culture, every nationality, every language. So let's truly be reminded and enjoy it!

Next time someone asks you if you are "ready for Christmas" I invite you to join me in proclaiming whole-heartedly,

"I am always ready for Christmas!"

In my last blog post about Lady Baker's Tea 10th anniversary I announced a celebratory giveaway. We had some lovely comments that I have appreciated so much. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter. We have randomly selected a winner. Congratulations Fabienne Gagnon! You have won our Twelve Teas of Christmas! If you see this announcement please send me an email at katherine[at]ladybakerstea[dot]com with your mailing address so we can put your gift into the mail this week. We look forward to hearing from you!  

That's all for this week, friends! Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy this next week leading up to Christmas! 


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Holly Grahn

I will join you in saying “ I’m always ready for Christmas !” What a wonderful blog post ! This was very refreshing to read. I loved the fantastic story’s you shared. I loved your comment about being kind to everyone, even ourselves. Thank you for this amazing post. What a great read !

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