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Dear Santa

In spite of my sommelier training in the wonders of the tea product, I have always felt more in tune with the comfort that tea conveys. In my memories, it is the spirit of tea and tea times that have made the most impressions. By the modern quotes* I interspersed into the following letter to Santa, it appears there are many who also find this comfort to be the true meaning of tea!

Dear Santa,

I wonder if you would do something for me.

When you stop by my house on Christmas Eve, would you take the basket on the hearth? It is full of packages of tea leaves. I have always believed, as a British playwright once wrote, “While there is tea there is hope.” So, on your travels, please open the packages and shake a little of the tea leaves onto the roofs below, if that is not too much to ask.

I know there are people all over the world, who are afflicted with diseases. One of the tea packages says Be Well. Please sprinkle a generous amount on those homes where people are suffering.

"Tea is a journey across all cultures, connecting people throughout the world. It is a gift of health and serenity, a cultural legacy inherited from countless generations.” -Iris Kowen

The hospitals and the long-term care homes need some sweet comfort right now. I’m sure you keep your eye on them. The Harmony Holiday Spice blend would certainly bring some delight to all those who give and receive care. I want them to know we are thinking of them.

“Tea represents a moment of relaxation and reflection. It creates a feeling of well-being and mental clarity. Tea is a drink for all people and all times.” -Chuck Bowman

Because I remember what it was like to be up in the night with a crying baby, I ask that you drop a few teaspoons of Abegweit Lullaby on those homes where Moms and Dads are rocking their fussy little ones in the wee hours of the night.

I heard that the couple down the street, on the other side of the block has just received an eviction notice. They have lost their jobs and their dreams of success have been shattered. But if you would drop a few of the leaves from the Heaven on Earth package, they may feel hope and not give up.

“Harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. All embodied in a simple cup of tea."      -Rona Tison 

Artwork by Jane-Alice Tye, age 6

I know you can find that dear gentleman whose wife died after 65 years together. He is confused and very tired. He can’t sleep. Please shake the package of Jasmine Tears down his chimney so he can know it is all right to cry and that there are many who care for him in his time of grief and loneliness.

Teenagers can often feel frustrated. They want to grow up faster and spread their wings sooner! There’s some tea in the basket called Willow’s Dream. It should encourage them to dream, yes, but also to be patient and thoughtful.

 “With its mysterious power, tea gently enhances communication between people of all ages and cultures.” -Louise Roberge

There’s an artist and a musician feeling desperate right now. They have so much creative energy and long to lift people up. The Blooming Blueberry tea will inspire them through these low times. You know where and who they are!

“Tea is like an art that comforts the mind, body and soul.” -Reena Shah

Once you are back home at the North Pole and you and Mrs. Claus have a chance to relax, put the kettle on and open the Lady’s Slipper Blend named after our floral emblem. As you sip, I hope you feel assured that families on Prince Edward Island are so grateful for your visit. And I am especially pleased that you were willing to spread hope all around the world with a little bit of tea.



Lady Baker

*Modern Day Quotes by tea enthusiasts are taken from Tea Dictionary by James Norwood Pratt



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Linda Stewart

Love this creative, thoughtful essay with beautiful tea quotes interspersed throughout.

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