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Canada Day

It seems fitting to wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Canada Day. Being Canadian, July 1 is special for me even though I had the experience of sharing July 4th with my dear American friends for several years!

Canada Day 1

The name 'Canada' was created from an aboriginal word meaning 'village.' My granddaughter, Ruby did a project on Canada a couple of years ago in first grade. She lives in the states, so she was curious to discover just where her Gamma (me) and her mommy (my daughter) came from. Canada is a dominion of the British Empire. Canada is beavers, maple leaves, red and white, RCMP, hockey, home to many cultures and always home to me! From my childhood through my teens and into adulthood I have sung the National Anthem 'O Canada' with pride and admiration.

Canada Day 2

Next year Canada will be 150. I would like to do something for a birthday present and I think that should be a tea blend. We could do this together, a group project so to speak! I'd love to hear from you with ideas of ingredients or your thoughts on a name for the blend. We've got a whole year to think about it!

God keep our land glorious and free. Happy celebration everyone!

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