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A Student's Thoughts On Tea

By Alexandra Sorensen

Alexandra at The Fox and Crow 

Growing up with my mother as a tea drinker, I remember being fascinated by tea as a young child. Every morning I would watch her steeping a cup, longing to have one myself. I have been a full-time tea drinker since elementary school, and would often drink a nice cup of camomile or lavender tea long before then. Being raised around tea has given me a great appreciation for it, especially Lady Baker’s Tea. For years now, I have started my day with a hot cup of tea with soy milk. Drinking tea is a way for me to relax, socialize, and take a moment to prepare for my hectic school day in the mornings, which is why I have grown to be very grateful for tea.

As a first-year university student attending UPEI, I often catch myself stressing and running out the door in the morning to start my busy, long days at the music department. When I started the year, I found I wouldn’t leave myself the same time that I used to in the mornings to sit down and have a nice cup of London Fog before I left. This would impact my day, as I had grown very accustomed to having a cup of tea every morning, and I began to miss it. I have now learned to take those few extra minutes to enjoy a cup, because not only is it delicious, it relaxes me and prepares me for the rest of my day.

The Fox and Crow London Fog

University is all about new things - a new group of friends, new courses, a new stage of life as a young adult - but I like to think it is also about keeping some of your old traditions and practices that add to your life. Tea is one of these things for me. I was very lucky that this year UPEI decided to renovate the campus pub (previously known as The Wave) into a beautiful and happening cafe/restaurant called The Fox and Crow. Discovering this place in my first few weeks of school was one of the best things that could have happened to me. Why? Because they have tea! And Lady Baker’s Tea at that! Going to The Fox and Crow multiple times a day with my fellow music majors has become a habit. We go to study, to work on group projects, and to just hang out. Most importantly though, I go to enjoy a cup of tea during a hectic day with my friends. These short little parts of my day have become my favourites, because I have gained stronger relationships with the amazing people I have met over many lattes and hash browns. I love that this cute little spot is so close to all of my classes, and has turned into such a hub for university life. To me it seems to be the heart of the UPEI Community.

 Enjoying Lady Baker's tea at Receiver

Like all new students, I found starting university to be a challenge, but my love for socializing alongside a cup of tea has helped me to relax, de-stress, and enjoy my time as a student. Thank you, Lady Baker’s Tea!


Enjoying Lady Baker's tea with friends at The Kettle Black
 Alex's photos show the Tea Filters that local businesses use for brewing our loose leaf tea. They can be purchased online or at our Charlottetown locations.

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Great post! As a fellow uni student, I can attest to how much comfort and release that tea brings me during the stressful days. Much love!


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