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A poem to enjoy with your tea

To switch things up a little bit (and because we know that the main reason many of you are reading this week's post is to find out who the winner of the gift certificate for afternoon tea at the Inn at St. Peters is), we thought we would share a poem to enjoy with your tea this week instead of our usual longer narrative!

The following poem is by Mary Oliver and captures the fleeting moments of summer that we experience in August. While poetry can and should be read anywhere at any time, we highly recommend making yourself a cup of Blooming Blueberry tea to sip while you read, and finding a comfy seat somewhere where the August light is golden and the only sound is the summer breeze and possibly an insistent crow, stubborn seagull or playful sparrow.

water lily photo

The Pond
By Mary Oliver

August of another summer, and once again
I am drinking the sun
and the lilies again are spread across the water.
I know now what they want is to touch each other.
I have not been here for many years
during which time I kept living my life
Like the heron, who can only croak, who wishes he
could sing,
I wish I could sing.
A little thanks from every throat would be appropriate.
This is how it has been, and this is how it is:
All my life I have been able to feel happiness,
except whatever was not happiness,
which I also remember.
Each of us wears a shadow.
But just now it is summer again
and I am watching the lilies bow to each other,
then slide on the wind and the tug of desire,
close, close to one another,
Soon now, I'll turn and start for home.
And who knows, maybe I'll be singing.

The winner of afternoon tea for two at the Inn at St. Peters is Sharon Neill. Congratulations Sharon! Please stop by the Charlottetown Farmers' Market this Saturday or next Wednesday to pick up your gift certificate. If you are not able to pick it up at the market please give us a call to make other arrangements. Our contact information can be found here. Please note that this gift certificate is only valid through the end of the season, so you will want to pick it up and use it soon!

Big thanks to everyone who entered our contest! Please stay tuned! Not only do we have another tea contest coming up very shortly....we also have a fun tea event this month that you are not going to want to miss. All the details will be on the blog, so if you haven't signed up to receive it yet and you don't want to miss our upcoming announcements be sure to join our mailing list here.

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